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My name is Carrie Ann and

I’m the owner of Silklights. 


I first became enamored with Silklights when I saw them worn by my ninety-something-year-old grandmother, my grandmother’s seventy-something-year-old friend, an eighteen-year-old hostess and a twenty-four-year-old waitress within thirty-five feet of each other while visiting family out-of-state, all different colors of silk, different colors of hair, different hair styles and all gorgeous. 


After having my own hair silked my creativity was inspired and upon returning home to Maryland I couldn’t stop thinking about getting into the silk hair business. After many hours on the Internet, some tears, a ton of brainstorming, very sore arms and a lot of silk hitting the floor I created Silklights. 


My resume is a kaleidoscope of sales, service and creative assignments. A majority of my experience is from the restaurant industry, most notably the most recent sixteen years at Jerry’s Seafood where I served over one hundred thousand Crab Bombs. I am also proud of my background in commercial flooring sales where I was mentored and educated by some of the best sales leaders in the industry. I played competitive pool for over a decade and a half, and hold a tenured title at Black Boar Custom Cues- the world’s finest billiard cues for my creation of Add unpublished novelist, tarot reader and shoe shiner and my background is as colorful as Silklights and I’d like to think my reputation is as sparkly! 


On a more personal level, I am a Maryland girl through and through, born and raised; I love my crabs, my seasons and my Redskins! I am an avid reader, a huge live music fan (especially local, independent talent) and I swear by yoga. 


In truth, “About Us” is more of an ambitious projection than a reality, as I am the entire company at the moment. For now, any email, phone call or inquiry comes directly to me and I will be the one who silks your hair. With time and growth that will change, but until then “Us” is all five-foot of me. 


That said, “Us” should include a ton of really intelligent, kind people that have and continue to help me along my way.  You can find them and links to their businesses on the Friends of Silklights page here.  Every single one of the links you’ll find on this page represent organizations that have supported my small local business, please support theirs! 


Thank you, Silklights clients and friends, I am grateful for all of your support and looking forward to sparkling your next event! 

Email to book now!

p.s. Sign up for the Silklights mailing list here.

About Us

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