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Covid Message 2022


Though I've generally avoided mention of the pandemic on social media, it is not because I've not been effected, it's only because I sought to not add to the constancy. It's a tricky line to walk as a business owner, to discern what is right for all your clients, your business's role and place in it all. Throughout 2020 I followed restrictions as closely as I understood and without fail or hesitation erred on the side of caution when in doubt.   


I am so grateful to every single one of you who had me in your home or porch or garage or yard or neighborhood or your abandoned office cafeteria or met me in a parking lot or some  otherwise unconventional sparkle spot!


I'm grateful for every single one of you who had to reschedule or wait to schedule or rearranged your schedule to support Silklights! I am also grateful for all of you who stayed in or away if /when you weren't comfortable and/or were protecting yourselves and others.  


I am grateful to the other small businesses who have continued to support Silklights and I completely understand and will always be grateful for the ones who couldn't/still can't, but certainly did when they could! (As a bit of a side note, if nothing else this year, I want to do better at drawing your attention to THEM, my small business brethren.)

In 2020 I decided to take on only what made sense, what came to Silklights naturally and I do believe 2022 may play out very much the same way, but I am so grateful Silklights is seeing 2022 in whatever fashion it presents.


I will hope to see you when and where you and I are comfortable, within our best understanding of safety and the rules and restrictions of the moment. We may be masked (I am smiling at you!!), definitely sanitized and forever sparkly!  

xx- Carrie Ann

update as of 02/07/2022- I started to rewrite this page and realized it all pretty much holds true!

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