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Events | Small Groups | Private Appointments

Not all events are created equal. In fact, no events are created equal.

For that reason Silklights has options. If you aren't sure what's right for your event, please reach out! Silklights will help you decide.

Large (11+) Event Fees and Services

$150/hour  |  2 hour minimum.

Silklights can apply +/- 50 strands an hour. How those strands are appropriated are for the host to determine. PLEASE do not ask us to disappoint any guests due to lack of time booked. 


By Guest

Host determines a flat number of strands per guest and agrees to pay up to as many hours needed @ 55 strands/hour to accommodate all guests. 

By Hour with RSVPS

The number of strands times the number of hours divided by the number of guests. 

For example- 2 hours x 55 strands = 110 strands \ 20 guests = 6 (5.5) strands/guest. 

By Hour without RSVPS 

If you are unsure of the number of guests attending your event Silklights suggests you use the formula above with the maximum number of guests and apply it in an at a time fashion. In this case each guest will receive a determined number of strands at a time, but may return later or get in line (dry erase or physical queue) again. This will ensure Silklights can please all your guests and maximize your time with Silklights.


Silklights can provide a tent, tables and chairs necessary for the service execution if needed, but can adapt to any 5’ x 5’ space with any standard height chair and minimum 1.5’ x 2.5’ table/counter. 


Private Individual Appointments

 Silklights will come to your home or workplace (any place, really, provided you have permission) for  a private appointment.


Currently booking house calls from 1:30-6:30 various week days

email or text 202-340-6565

for an appointment. 

10  strands $25

15  strands + 1 for luck $35

25  strands + 2 for luck $55

Small Group Appointments

Small group appointments are available some weekdays from 2p - 9p

and weekends by availability. 


10  strands + 1 for luck $25

15  strands + 2 for luck $35

25  strands + 4 for luck $55

More information on larger parties and events can be found here.


Deposits | Contracts

** all contracts will be case by case*


All Silklights private hourly events  or any private weekend events have a $125 cancellation fee and a contract to save the date.  Your date is not secured until your signed contract is received. 


Should you need to reschedule your event your cancellation fee will only be  applied if the reschedule date is more than 30 days post your original event, rescheduled dates after that time will require a new contract and may be subject to cancellation fee. 

Up to 30 days before your event can be cancelled, however, once you have saved a date, Silklights will turn down other clients for that date so please allow as much time as possible so the date may be rebooked. 

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