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How long will they stay?



Frequently Asked Questions

Since Silklights are tied to a single hair on your head it's impossible to predict when you will shed that hair.  The average head has 100,000 hair follicles, 100-150 of which could shed any day based on infinite variables. 

For more information on shedding and the science on why any attempt to accurately estimate how long your Silklights will stay is futile please check out this article. 

So, it's not to be flip when said, a day? a week? a month? It could be overnight, it could be months and months. The longest Silklights has seen is 9 months.  


The only guarantee is that they won't all come out at the same time. That said, if you truly feel that yours have come out in an unreasonable amount of time feedback is welcomed. 

Can I still brush, wash, style my hair?


Yes! And yes! And yes! Once in your hair the Silklights will act like hair. They can be  brushed, washed, blown-dry, curled,

flat-ironed (up to 400*), they take products and can be colored with no effect to the color of the strand. Really! Stylist tested and approved!


Where can I get them?


Silklights participates in markets, fairs, pop-ups and public and private events all over the Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia metro areas and beyond by special request.

You may make an appointment or pop in to any public event (some may require a ticket).You can find the calendar here. Suggestions for pop-up locations and events are always welcome!

Silklights will also come to you for individual appointments (on designated days in designated geographies), small groups (5 head min.), parties, weddings and events of all kinds.

Silklights also offers a fundraiser format for one organization a month, schedule early!


How do they go in?

With the help of a tiny tool a knot is tied, tying an individual hair to an individual strand of silk. The knot is tied in the middle of the strand so for each strand tied you will have two sparkly highlights. 

Are they good for all hair types?

Yes! The only thing necessary is 1.5 inches of hair. They adapt to curls and products and can be placed almost anywhere, locks, braids, beards.


Do you do parties?

Yes! More information on events, weddings and fundraisers can be found here.

What do they cost? How can I pay you?

Silklights accepts cash, Venmo, PayPal and all major credit cards and Apple Pay via Square.

Information on pricing can be found here.

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